10 Questions for Annemarie Tiemes | ECT Weekly #049


An inspiring interview with Annemarie Times. What brought her to the coffee world? How does she manage a crazy amount of travelling required for her job at Specialty Coffee Association? What does she can’t live without? Coffee people!

“Coffee people are amazing! I can live without coffee, I can not live without coffee people!” – Annemarie Tiemes


1 – What brought you to the coffee world?

2 – What does Speciality coffee mean to you?

3 – Where do you live if you don’t travel?

4 – What are your tips for making travelling easier?

5 – What makes brewing coffee with cezve/ibrik special to you?

6 – What coffee regions should we get excited about?

7 – What is the biggest shift in the speciality coffee world over the last years?

8 – What advice would you give to people starting in coffee?

9 – What is your one wish for speciality coffee?

10 – What kept you in coffee for all these years?

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